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Shumilina Nataliya Aleksandrovna, Senior lecturer, sub-department of management and computer science in technical systems, Orenburg State University (13 Pobedy avenue, Orenburg, Russia),

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Background. Equipment in the project is an active component of the internal environment. In the phases of the life cycle of the project, it is necessary to provide a set of measures that affect organizational and technological reliability and the risks of equipment failure. At each phase, the project manager must evaluate the effectiveness of the decisions taken, monitor the changes in the system as a whole, and shape the tactics of project management to achieve strategic goals. However, modern project management tools do not allow you to develop strategic solutions for the phases of the project. Allow to solve only the private issues of planning and scheduling, the distribution of finance, control of their expenditure, the development of documentation, identification, analysis and control of risks, that is, the tasks of managing individual subsystems of the project are being handled, and the disparate objects
and objectives of the project are optimized. Therefore, the development of an information management system (IMS) for the solution of tasks of project management of industrial enterprises taking into account the risk of equipment failure can become a promising area in the subject area under consideration. In the development of management solutions, tools should be used to monitor the status of the project and adapt the management strategy to the level of risk of equipment failure. The main objectives of the work are: 1) to organize the data for the formation of management decisions for the phases of the life cycle of the project, taking into account the risk of equipment failure; 2) develop a concept for formalizing the state of the project environment, taking into account the risk situations implemented by the IMS; 3) develop the structure and functions of the IMS.
Materials and methods. The method of situational management is used in the basis of IUS development. Under the project management, taking into account the risk of equipment failure is understood the implementation of the strategy developed by
rejecting the current situation in the project from the target situation. Methods of system analysis, decision-making and data processing form a view of the management object on the state of the equipment and the state of the project in accordance
with the phase of the life cycle (pre-investment, investment, operational).
Results. The structure and functions of the IMS are presented. Solutions to key issues are implemented in application software. To develop a project management strategy, the system allows for the simulation of the investment project, the assessment
of the equipment condition in the project, the processing of expert assessments, determine the overall efficiency of equipment in the project, and determine the level of risk of equipment failure.
Conclusions. The developed ICS allows to improve the quality of management at the pre-investment, investment and operational phases of the project. With the use of IMS, the manager determines the amount of investment in the basic production assets of the project, the strategy of loading, the strategy of maintenance and repair of equipment. The application of the system is possible for the implementation of projects at existing industrial enterprises.

Key words

information-control system, project modeling, risk of equipment failure, expert evaluation, management strategy

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